Save West Grinstead

Write to the Prime Minister today to ask him to take action to stop developers and councils from building on Wildlife Corridors.

The Government’s 25 Year Plan for the Environment’ is meaningless if they allow Councils and developers to build on key wildlife corridors.

A prime example is Horsham District Council who is considering a proposal to build 3,500 houses on the wildlife corridor at Buck Barn, next to the Knepp rewilding project. The 3,500 new houses would cut off the Knepp estate from St Leonard’s and the Ashdown forests, reducing it to a wildlife island in a sea of housing, allocated by central government.

Knepp is an outstanding example of nature restoration, it hosts some of the countries most threatened species such as  nightingales, turtle doves and purple emperor butterflies.  Last year, white stork chicks hatched here for the first time in Britain in 600 years.

Tell the Prime Minister to take action by clicking send on the letter below.
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